Gamma Festival 2024
12 - 15 July

The Gamma festival remains true to its mission: to inspire new achievements and heights, to provide an opportunity to express emotions, thoughts and feelings in creativity, to push boundaries and feel, to unite the best and create new thinking, to support and develop culture and creative industries, and to give an opportunity to simply be yourself .. remaining a beacon for all of us, even in the darkest time.

Official aftermovie - Gamma Festival 2022
About Gamma Festival
Artists and cultural representatives talk about the festival

Organizers about the festival

Opening concert of the festival, performance or total installation.
The main night of the festival will take place on 4 stages created at the Razin Factory.
MAIN EVENT - 13.07

The second and final night of the festival.

The main task of the laboratory is to create new artistic and technological projects

The GAMMA festival has been earning the status of one of the main musical and cultural events of the year For 7 years. It represents talented and bright artists from all over the world, unites and opens up new horizons for creativity.

Our mission is to unite, create and inspire.

Our concept of the festival of techno culture, is a synthesis of artistic and technological innovation, where technology becomes the main driving force, and culture - the main meaning and purpose. We are developing a creative community, strengthening cultural ties and expanding the space of meaning, applying new approaches to interdisciplinarity and moving towards a dream.

The musical format of the festival is highly diverse and covers many genres of electronic music. Media art exhibitions and various cultural events are held at the festival every year. The Gamma has consistently been highly appreciated around the world, the well-known British magazine DJ Mag included Gamma in the top 10 best festivals in the world which take place in the most unusual locations. Moreover the world's best known German Groove Magazine has put Gamma in the top 10 summer festivals in Europe. Finally, English magazine FACT named Gamma as the most extraordinary event on the continent in 2019.

The organizers of the festival is the creative association m_division.

Music of Gamma
In this section we share the best sets and live performances from the GAMMA festival. You can find here new, previously unpublished recordings from the festival, sets recorded from 2016 to 2023, as well as tracks from our m_division label.

Last News

DJ MAG included the Gamma festival in the top 10 best festivals in the world, taking place in the most unusual locations

German Groove Magazine included the festival in the top 10 summer festivals in Europe

English magazine FACT in 2019 called Gamma the most unusual event on the continent.

Possibly the most immersive and well-produced techno festival I have ever set foot in: Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia's "Window to Europe."
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