immersive musical journey
Gamma Festival and m_division present the immersive musical journey «BETA hybrid event»
20:00 Performance INTRO: Gleb Kolyadin
20:45 Performance OSTINATO: Symphocat, Anna Matskova, Mariam Traore, Avgustin


21:30 Grigory Gromov a/v live
22:15 Tonoptik a/v live
23:00 Svibovitch a/v live
23:45 Ivan Logos
1:00 VTP
2:00 Regulaar


21:00 Blain
22:30 Prisheletz live
23:30 Shutta
0:30 Lena Popova
2:00 Zaletny

Beta-Lounge is a space for communication where you can share your emotions and chat with the other participants.

Opens at 21.00

The GAMMA Festival and Logic Compact, the general partner of the event, will give away 10 tickets to the festival and 5 exclusive Logic Compact devices engraved with the Gamma logo among all Beta-Lounge participants. To win the prize, just post the hashtag #gammalogic in the chat of the MAIN stage stream on the day of the event. On July 20 we will announce the winners, who will be selected by a randomizer.
We have created this online bar jointly with JagerVibes to have an opportunity to come a bit closer together!

We are now living in the era when new ways of communication are being formed. Our team suggests that you take a new look at the usual rituals which form our daily life. At our bar, you can have a nice chat while sipping on your favourite drinks, and also meet professional bartenders who can share with you a recipe for the perfect cocktail or just tell you something interesting. You can even leave a tip to the bartenders, just do not forget to write his/her name there and we will pass to them your contribution.

The wide-ranging event annually preceding our main festival, BETA now turns into a remarkable immersive experiment! A number of new scenes will be constructed especially for our musical concerts and performances.

Communicate with friends in the virtual lounge, meet the famous bartenders in the online bar and the long-familiar faces at the backstage, as ever before!
The things we value the most are the opportunity to be together again and the emotions we enjoy from music, art and communication.

And, if today we cannot get together in a usual way, we are ready to embrace a new immersive experience!
© 2021 Gamma Festival