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Festival of Music, art, and new urban culture
19-22 July, Saint-Petersburg
The largest Russian music and art festival Gamma will be held in St. Petersburg for the third time from 19th to 22nd July 2018.
In 3 years, Gamma Festival has become a large-scale, innovative, cultural and international event with a unique format and content that combines contemporary art, current and new trends in electronic, instrumental and academic music. The music is performed on five stages and the international line-up is impressive, including bright representatives from 16 countries. The art component of the festival is a one of a kind experiment aiming to develop and support contemporary art. The project was named "Artification", and resulted in a large-scale exhibition, first presented at the festival. Gamma takes the mission not only to introduce famous names in contemporary art and music but also to discover new ones.

Gamma is a festival with a unique style of the modern Northern capital of Russia.
Gamma Festival 2017 - Official Aftermovie
About festival
Gamma Festival is bringing a full sensory music experience to Russia [INTERVIEW]
To read
July 19
JULY 20-21
► Opening Concert - 19.07
Concert opening in the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace.
Neoclassical concert of the year with a brilliant German composer

Hauschka LIVE (Germany)

Address: Nevskiy, 42
► July 20-21: GAMMA_PRO & MUTEK showcase at the LENFILM Film Studio
Discussion panels and professional international forum with the heads of the world's largest cultural institutions and festivals from 12 countries. First day of the forum will be concluded by 3 audiovisual concerts:

On Friday and Saturday the event will continue with GAMMA_PRO forum in a pavilion of the legendary Lenfilm studio - which, by the way, celebrates its 1st century anniversary this year.

Loscil AV live (Canada)
Deadbeat + Push One Stop AV live (Canada)
Nicolas Melmann + Maotik AV live (France / Argentina)

Address: Kamennoostrovskiy 10
► July 21: The main program of GAMMA, at Stepan Razin Factory
The main event will happen on six stages of Stepan Razin factory. The music shows will be complemented by a large exhibition of media installations and public art. The final chord will be the evening and night performances at the country residence of arts and technology in Peterhof.

Ancient Methods live (Germany)
Byetone live (Germany)
Cio D'or (Germany)
Codex Empire live (Austria)
Drumcell hybrid live (USA)
Edward (Germany)
Huerco S (USA)
Mike Parker (USA)
Naty Seres (Germany)
NSI (Tobias Freund & Max Loderbauer) live (Germany)
O / H live (Canada)
ORPHX live (Canada)
Peter Broderick live (USA)
Robert Lippok live (Germany)
Roll The Dice live (Sweden)
Shaun Baron-Carvais live (France)
Shlømo live (France)
Tobias live (Germany)
Teste live (DE)
+ m_division residents:
Unbalance, Ivan Logos, Lena Popova, Yuka, Kobba, Exponent, Anrilov, CultKitchen and PRCDRL
+ Arma17 stage: Abelle, Hipushit, Teste (DE), Ranishe Niyaak, LVRIN, Sariim, Sofia Rodina
and many others...

Address: Naberejnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, 229
► July 22 at Quartariata art-residence.
The final chord will be the evening and night performances at the country residence of arts and technology in Peterhof.

Address: Peterhof, Zolotaya 2
Gamma Festival 2018 - First 20 artists announced

On july 19, the German neoclassical musician HAUSCHKA will perform at the opening concert of the GAMMA festival. Read more...
GAMMA 2018: Line Up
Ancient Methods (live) (DE) / Cio D'Or (live) (DE) / Drumcell (US)
DVS1 (US) / Edward (DE) / Orphx (live) (CA) / Roll The Dice (Peder Mannerfelt & Malcolm Pardon) live (SE) / Shaun Baron-Carvais live (FR)
nsi. (Tobias Freund & Max Loderbauer) live (DE) / Codex Empire (AS) / Huerco S (US) / Shlømo (live) (FR) / Mike Parker (US) / Byetone (live) (DE) / Tobias. (live) (DE) / Robert Lippok live (DE) / Invite (NL) / Naty Seres (DE) / YNK (DE)/ m_division residents (RU) : Unbalance / Ivan Logos / Lena Popova / Kobba / Exponent / Anrilov / Yuka / CultKitchen / PRCDRL / Arma17 stage : Abelle / Hipushit / Teste (DE) live / Ranishe Niyaak / LVRIN / Sariim / Sofia Rodina / Илья Барамия и АИГЕЛ (экспериментальный лайв) / Тарас Машталир / Abjective / Arkady Air / Bionoid / BVoice / Coma Soul / Criminal In Dance / Eostra / Eye Que / G_Depot/ Golikov / Grigory Gromov / Kuk/ LBRNTH / Lluck / Module Werk / Naya / Oira / Ryba (DE) / S1 / Shutta / Slava Finist / Slon / Stef Mendesidis / Syberian / Symphocat / Tonoptik / Tyoma / Vanya Limb / Zaletny
GAMMA launches professional international forum GAMMA_PRO
The professional international forum GAMMA_PRO is launched during the GAMMA festival and from this season becomes annual. The main theme of this year is "Global Festival Movement".

Participants of the forum will be representatives of key international and Russian festivals related to electronic music and contemporary art, as well as leading international cultural institutions known for their approach to art and technology. The headliner of the first day of the GAMMA_PRO forum is MUTEK - the largest audio-visual festival of the world . The festival was founded in Canada in 2000, and today is held in 7 countries of the world. This is a unique world event combining the best of the world of music and audio-visual art. MUTEK will be represented or the first time in Russia by the founder and ideologist Alain Mongeau; a public interview will be held with him, while the headliners of the musical part are 3 impressive audiovisual acts:

LOSCIL AV live (Canada)
PUSH ONE STOP + Deadbeat AV live (Canada)
MAOTIK + NICOLAS MELMANN AV live (France / Argentina)

GAMMA_PRO features discussion panels, artist-talks and professional networking created for the purpose of sharing experiences and interacting with the international professional community. The forum will be held on July 20 and 21, a detailed program will be published in the near future.
More info
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017

The main focus of the festival was and still is music. This is what guests from various regions of Russia and other countries come here for. GAMMA will showcase different genres of music, from academic neoclassicism to classical house music to experimental to deep techno, composed by 80 modern musicians from 16 countries.

Artification In March 2017, as a part of the Gamma festival, the m_division team launched a pilot project called "Artification" aiming to support and develop various facets of contemporary art and new talents. The aim of the project was to initiate interaction between beginners and experienced artists, to support the most recent trends in contemporary art and to uncover the potential of young Russian artists. More info...
Gamma Festival 2018

GAMMA Festival - Saint Petersburg four-day immersive music and art event is a fascinating addition to the global music scene. Taking place July 19-22nd, 2018, GAMMA Festival will bring in droves of music fans for a rare music and art experience that doesn't have to rely on big budget headliners.

Curated and promoted by m_division, GAMMA Festival celebrated its first year in 2016 with overwhelming success. The venue – a large industrial space held in the former Stepan Razin brewery – is every raver's wet dream. Offering deep and experimental techno, house, electro and many styles of electronic music, there is no doubt that GAMMA festival is pure of heart – existing to offer a cerebral escape through the power of art and music.

Tickets are available in limited amounts. The price will increase as the event gets closer.
Early Bird Tickets - SOLD OUT
1st release - SOLD OUT
2nd release - SOLD OUT
3rd release [30-55 euro] - AVAILABLE

July 19, Opening Concert
The ticket gives access to the opening concert with the headliner HAUSCHKA (DE), a free seating arrangement.

[Location: Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, Nevsky Prospekt, 41]
July 20-21, GAMMA_PRO
The ticket gives access to the program of the GAMMA_PRO forum and audio-visual concerts, which will be presented on the evening of July 20.

[Location: LENFILM Film Studio]
July 21-22, Main Program
The ticket gives access to the main program of the festival, which begins on July 21, the end is July 23

[Location: July 21 - Stepan Razin plant, July 22 - Quartariata country residence of art and technology in Peterhof]