As we stand on the edge of 2018 and gaze ahead to what 2019 will bring, we are happy to announce that the fourth GAMMA festival will take place on July 11–14 in St. Petersburg.

In just three years, the GAMMA festival has morphed into a large-scale international cultural event in a unique format. Novel trends in music, new forms of modern art, innovative developments in science, an international forum, professional networking and visitors from all over the world — this is what GAMMA is now.

Motivated by our genuine passion for music and art, we put our heart in this festival. We seek to inspire and unite people to establish a new global culture.
We want to make St. Petersburg an epicenter of modern culture, a lighthouse for visitors from Russia and the entire world, and we invite everyone to join us on this journey.

This is not a standard festival aftermovie. After three years, this video answers the question: "What the GAMMA is?".

*Early tickets are available at the lowest price. The Super Early Birds series is on sale now
Gamma Festival 2018 - Official Aftermovie