Участвует в BETA в качестве артиста

Prisheletz — один из самых техничных селекторов Санкт-Петербурга, музыкант и резидент Electro Music Coalition, приверженец винилового звука и мастер эклектичных сетов. Многим известный под свои лайв-проектом Ectro Usic, он еще с 90-х продвигает стиль Electro. Отмечен релизами на Somatik Sounds, EMC и австрийском Laton.

Participates in BETA as an artist

Prisheletz is the artist with long track record of cosmic multidimensional voyages and is domiciled on the planet of St. Petersburg. He is a member and resident of Electro Music Coalition, a label releasing and promoting electro for over 20 years. Prisheletz has been one of the most committed ambassadors of the electro genre long before it became popularized in our part of the world. Artist also runs his own multi-genre project Ectro Usic, which was released on the Austrian based label Laton.