Main event and Afterparty / September 5-6, 2020

2 unique nights this year will be filled with a rich music program, several dozen musicians and DJs will present their vision of relevant music on several stages. The music format of the festival covers the genres of dance and avant-garde electronics.

::vtol:: Мультимедийная инсталляция "12 262 Кольская сверхглубокая" представляет собой посвящение легендарному советскому проекту СГ-3 — Кольской Сверхглубокой Скважине, которая располагается в нескольких километрах от города Заполярный, в Мурманской области.

Изображение: Даниил Примак ©️
Gamma_RAVE 2020
For five years, we have learned to expand the boundaries of creativity and self-expression - with you together. We combined music, technology and contemporary art, we inspired each other and created new meanings, but today the whole planet is challenged, what we have accepted as a call to action.
The main event of the anniversary Gamma festival - Gamma_RAVE - is scheduled for September 5-6 in St. Petersburg, and we look forward to when the Northern capital will again turn into the epicenter of relevant electronic, avant-garde music and media art.
Today we all need each other more than ever, so we ask for understanding, patience and support.

All tickets purchased earlier will be valid on the new dates of the festival. And see you in September!
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