Festival of Music, art, and new urban culture
The largest Russian music and art festival Gamma will be held in St. Petersburg for the third time from 19th to 22nd July 2018.
In 3 years, Gamma Festival has become a large-scale, innovative, cultural and international event with a unique format and content that combines contemporary art, current and new trends in electronic, instrumental and academic music. The music is performed on five stages and the international line-up is impressive, including bright representatives from 16 countries. The art component of the festival is a one of a kind experiment aiming to develop and support contemporary art. The project was named "Artification", and resulted in a large-scale exhibition, first presented at the festival. Gamma takes the mission not only to introduce famous

The first tickets for the lowest "Early Birds" went on sale on December 25, 2017
Gamma Festival 2017 - Official Aftermovie
About festival
Gamma Festival is bringing a full sensory music experience to Russia [INTERVIEW]
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Line-up in 2017
Regis (Downwards, Sandwell District) UK / Vatican Shadow (Ostgut Ton, Hospital Productions) USA/DE / Terence Fixmer (Planete Rouge Records, Ostgut Ton) FR / Murcof (Leaf) USA / Ø [Phase] (Token) UK / Recent Arts (Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon) DE / Mike Parker (Prologue, Tresor, Polegroup) USA / Emptyset (raster-noton) UK / Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg, Northern Electronics) SWE / Takaaki Itoh (Wols) JPN / ANTARCTIC TAKT a/v Live (Dasha Rush & Stanislav Glazov) DE / DREW McDOWALL (COIL) Live (Dais Records) UK / Rrose (Eaux) USA / MARTIN KOHLSTEDT Live (Kick the Flame / Edition Kohlstedt) DE / Nick Klein (L.I.E.S.) USA / OAKE (live) (Downwards) DE / ROBERT LIPPOK a/v Live with Margot (Raster-Noton) DE / Xosar (Rush Hour Music) NL / Zadig (Construct Re-Form) FR / HANNAH EPPERSON Live (Listencollective) USA / Kettenkarussell (live) (Giegling) DE / Leafar Legov (live) (Giegling) DE /Konstantin (Giegling) DE / DJ Dustin (Giegling) DE / Douglas Dare (Erased Tapes) UK / All In Orchestra / Long Arm / TYOMA / Shadowax aka Ishome / Protosoniq / Ivan Logos / Unbalance / Moa Pillar / Kobba / Anton Zap / BVoice /Anrilov / ГОСТ showcase /CultKitchen / Oid / Slava Finist / Suokas / Миша Мищенко / Федор Бирючев / Abjective / Eyscream / Symphocat / Moralez / Golikov / Arkady Air / Lluck / Noform / 404.Zero / Prcdrl / Rayo / Regulaar / Slon / Sptnk / Tantsui / Tripmastaz / Oira / Hoopa / Eye Que & Naya and more...
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Emptyset LIVE
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Terence Fixmer
Gallery of the Gamma Festival 2017
Murcof LIVE
Sigma Stage
Mike Parker @ Sigma Stage
Tobias a/v Live (with Valentina Berthelon)
festival earlier
Line-up in 2016
Byetone A/V LIVE (DE, Raster-Noton) / Function (DE, Ostgut Ton) / Kangding Ray A/V LIVE (FR, Raster-Noton, Stroboscopic Artefacts) / Polar Inertia (live) (FR, Dement3d) / Answer Code Request (DE, Ostgut Ton, MDR, Answer Code Request) / Abdulla Rashim (live) (SWE, Northern Electronics) / Fred P (USA, Soul Live Music) / Albert van Abbe (live) (NL, No Comment) / Martin Kohlstedt (live) (DE, Kick the Flame, Edition Kohlstedt) / Eric Cloutier (USA, The Bunker NY) / Tadeo (live) (ESP, Non Series) / Dadub (live) (DE, Stroboscopic Artefacts) / Varg (live) (SWE, Northern Electronics) / Inner 8 LIVE (Berlin, Holotone) / Shlømo (live) (FR, Delsin, Taapion) / Francois X (FR, DEMENT3D, Affin) / Solar Bears (live) (IRL, Planet Mu) / Robert Drewek (DE, Rawax, Chiwax, Housewax) / Mick Wills (DE, International Deejay Gigolo) / Robert Lippok A/V LIVE (DE, Raster-Noton) / Benoît and the Mandelbrots A/V LIVE (DE, Syff) /Antrru LIVE / Bvoice (Moscow, Fox Trax) / Blain (Saint-P, TEST FM) / CultKitchen (Moscow) / D-Pulse LIVE (Saint-P) / Discrete Warmth LIVE (Saint-P) / Exponent (Saint-P, Subspace) / Eye Que (Saint-P, Subspace) / Hoopa (Saint-P, Roots United) / Ivan Logos (Saint-P, m_division) / Kalivas (Saint-P, TEST FM) / Ksky (Saint-P, Electronica, Deep Connection) / Krjuk (Saint-P, Rawax) / Kobba (Saint-P, m_division) / Low808 (Moscow, ГОСТ) / Long Arm LIVE (Saint-P, Project Mooncircle) / Lena Popova (Saint-P) / Måla LIVE (Saint-P) / Misha Mishenko LIVE (Moscow) / Monokle LIVE (N.Novgorod) / Nasonov (Saint-P, Stackenshneider) / Naya (Saint-P, Subspace) / Oira (Saint-P, DSP) / Parallelogram LIVE (Saint-P) / Pavel Youkovskiy (Saint-P) / Prisheletz LIVE (Saint-P) / Prcdrl LIVE (Berlin, m_division) / Regulär LIVE (Saint-P) / Sasha Prana (Ekaterinburg) / Slow Sun LIVE (Saint-P) / Symphocat LIVE/ TYOMA LIVE (Moscow) / Unbroken Dub (Tyumen, Rawax, Delsin) / Unbalance (m_division, Monasterio, Rebalance)
5 сцен фестиваля GAMMA
Одну из сцен фестиваля многие могли увидеть на официальном пре-пати - Beta, которое состоялось 20 мая, зал созданный в 18 веке действительно впечатляет уникальной архитектурой.
Организатор фестиваля - m_division
Прогрессивно мыслящая команда с многолетним опытом в создании масштабных музыкальных событий и развитии творческих инициатив, целью которой является не только представление, но и создание культуры сегодняшнего дня. m_division считает своей главной миссией объединение людей, идей, эмоций и искусства.
14-16 июля
Gamma Festival 2016 - Official Aftermovie

The main focus of the festival was and still is music. This is what guests from various regions of Russia and other countries come here for. GAMMA will showcase different genres of music, from academic neoclassicism to classical house music to experimental to deep techno, composed by 80 modern musicians from 16 countries.

Artification In March 2017, as a part of the Gamma festival, the m_division and pbr art team launched a pilot project called "Artification" aiming to support and develop various facets of contemporary art and new talents. The aim of the project was to initiate interaction between beginners and experienced artists, to support the most recent trends in contemporary art and to uncover the potential of young Russian artists.
Curators about Artification
We have asked our curators what Artification means to them.
Gamma Festival 2018

GAMMA Festival - Saint Petersburg four-day immersive music and art event is a fascinating addition to the global music scene. Taking place July 19-22nd, 2018, GAMMA Festival will bring in droves of music fans for a rare music and art experience that doesn't have to rely on big budget headliners.

Curated and promoted by m_division, GAMMA Festival celebrated its first year in 2016 with overwhelming success. The venue – a large industrial space held in the former Stepan Razin brewery – is every raver's wet dream. Offering deep and experimental techno, house, electro and many styles of electronic music, there is no doubt that GAMMA festival is pure of heart – existing to offer a cerebral escape through the power of art and music.

Tickets are available in limited amounts. The price will increase as the event gets closer.
Early Bird Tickets - SOLD OUT
1st release [30 euro] - available