Festival of Music, art, and new urban culture
Gamma Festival 2017

A large-scale event held at the St. Petersburg experimental shipyard established itself as one of the most exciting Russian music festivals in 2016. This year the festival has grown in scale, with 85 modern musicians and artists from 15 countries of the world coming to St. Petersburg to attend GAMMA—one of the top music, art, and new urban culture festivals in Russia.

5 сцен фестиваля GAMMA
Одну из сцен фестиваля многие могли увидеть на официальном пре-пати - Beta, которое состоялось 20 мая, зал созданный в 18 веке действительно впечатляет уникальной архитектурой.
Организатор фестиваля - m_division
Прогрессивно мыслящая команда с многолетним опытом в создании масштабных музыкальных событий и развитии творческих инициатив, целью которой является не только представление, но и создание культуры сегодняшнего дня. m_division считает своей главной миссией объединение людей, идей, эмоций и искусства.
14-16 июля

Gamma Festival 2016

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The Stepan Razin Brewery, the first Russian brewery founded in 1795, will be the venue for the festival and the object of transformation. To date, a part of the factory is protected as an industrial monument and is no longer operational. It is here that 5 festival stages will be located, along with a large-scale exhibition of media installations, street art, architecture, and recycled art created by artists as part of the Artification project.

The factory space allows you to travel in time, as it is here that the unique heritage of 18th century industrial architecture, the designs of the architects Jurgens and Bohnstedt, amazing arcades and shops, so much like museum spaces, coexist with powerful Soviet Constructivism.

GAMMA will give new life to these walls, transforming and reimagining the industrial environment, and create a festival that will surprise and inspire.


The main focus of the festival was and still is music. This is what guests from various regions of Russia and other countries come here for. GAMMA will showcase different genres of music, from academic neoclassicism to classical house music to experimental to deep techno, composed by 85 modern musicians from 15 countries.

(Prologue, Tresor, Polegroup) USA
(Token) UK
ULWHEDNAR (Abdulla Rashim & Varg)
(Northern Electronics) Sweden
Local Artists

At the GAMMA festival there will be also bright representatives of the domestic electronic scene, we open part of the local line-up of the upcoming festival:

ГОСТ showcase (Moscow/Saint-Petersburg) • Misha Mishenko (Moscow) LIVE • Fedor Biryuchev (Moscow) LIVE • All In Orchestra LIVE (Saint-Petersburg) • Anrilov (Moscow) • Anton Zap (Moscow) • BVoice (Moscow) • Cultkitchen (Moscow) • Golikov (Moscow) • Ivan Logos (Saint-Petersburg) • Kobba (Saint-Petersburg) • Lluck (Russia/USA) • Long Arm LIVE (Saint-Petersburg) • Moa Pillar LIVE (Moscow) • Oid (Riga) • Protosoniq LIVE (Moscow) • Rayo (Odessa) • Shadowax aka Ishome (Moscow) LIVE • Slava Finist (Moscow) • Suokas (Petrozavodsk) •Tripmastaz (Moscow/ Saint-Petersburg) • TYOMA (Moscow) and others...

More than 40 Russian artists representing almost the entire spectrum of music from experimental electronics to neo-classical, IDM or house music,
Special program on the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theate
The GAMMA festival will open with a special evening program on the New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater on Friday, July 14. Here m_division together with the MEDIA IN project from the New Media Laboratory will present audiovisual concerts on the new stage with a unique circular screen. The guests will enjoy the performance of German musicians and media artists ANTARCTIC TAKT (Dasha Rush & Stanislav Glazov), raster-media resident ROBERT LIPPOK, and RECENT ARTS duo formed by famous Berlin musician TOBIAS FREUND and Chilean artist VALENTINA BERTHELON. Apart from that, the festival will offer interactive and light installations, audiovisual works, and works in the field of video art made by international and Russian media artists.

July 14, 21:00-2:00

The main GAMMA program starts next day, July 15, on the territory of the Stepan Razin brewery at 15:00

In March 2017, the GAMMA festival launched a pilot project, Artification, aimed at supporting and developing various facets of contemporary art and new talents.

The aim of the project is to foster interaction between young and experienced artists, to support the latest trends in contemporary art, and to unlock the potential of young Russian talents.

The theme chosen for Artification is "Transformation." This involves change of shape and content, search for dialogue with the city and space through the artist and their work. Within two months we have received over 300 applications from artists who specialize in one of the four types of art: media, public art, architecture, or recycled art. After the closing date for applications, the curators and the jury will determine the best projects meeting the following three criteria: originality, relevancy, and feasibility.

The authors of selected works will be invited to a professional art camp in a country art residence where, during two weeks at the end of June, they will be preparing their objects for display on the main showground of GAMMA, the music, art, and new urban culture festival. And the guests will enjoy an exciting large-scale exhibition featuring the greatest modern artists in Russia.

For more details, visit www.pbrart.ru.

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Curators about Artification
We have asked our curators what Artification means to them.
Tickets are available in limited amounts. The price will increase as the event gets closer.

18+ / Facecontrol / place: Stepana Razina Factory
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Naberejnaya Obvodnogo Kanala 229

Organizer of the festival: m_division

Help is needed? welcome@mdivision.ru